About Mall Guide Signs

Major Shopping Area Guide Signs (MSAGS) are designed to provide information to motorists about major retail areas. The signs are blue with white lettering, like the LOGOS and TODS.


It’s simple: travelers and potential customers will follow the widely recognized MSAGS to your business. Our eye-catching blue signs let any traveler know that your location is safe, clean, and in good standing. Not only that, but the brand exposure gained with outdoor advertising is one of the least-expensive and most cost-effective ways to leverage your brand. MSAGS allow you to maximize your advertising budget, giving you the lowest CPM (Cost Per Thousand Motorists) and the highest return on your investment. Whereas billboards are off the highway and vary in location. MSAGS are official TxDOT signs located on the highway at the exit where the shopping mall is located.

We take care of everything from artwork design and production to installation and removal, all included in your rental fee. Did we mention Texas is the only state with an MSAGS program? With our 97% renewal rate we’re pretty sure Texas businesses like what we can do for them.

General Requirements

  • Both enclosed shopping malls and outdoor, partially enclosed shopping areas that may include separate buildings of similar theme are eligible to participate in the MSAGS program
  • A minimum of 650,000 square feet in area
  • A minimum of two anchor businesses, with a combined gross building area of no less than 150,000 square feet
  • Be planned, developed, owned, and managed as a single property
  • Be located no farther than three miles from an interchange with an eligible urban highway
  • Be located with driveway access to the eligible urban highway access road (frontage road), ramp, intersecting crossroad or city street